Sunday, February 07, 2010

Recommended Personal Finance Articles From: FreeMoneyFinance, FundMyMutualFund, DarwinsFinance, MightyBargainHunter, FinancialArmageddon, etc.

Here's several recommended articles from those sites that share links with Plugged in Finance. I hope they are of use to you.

Free Money Finance. "Saving a Bundle on Your Taxes With an Unrelated Dependent."

Fund My Mutual Fund. "Job Loss Rates Across Post WWII Recessions [Chart]."

Darwin's Finance. "Easy Ways to Find the Best Finance Blogs."

Mighty Bargain Hunter. "Three ways to find a cool deal using Google."

Financial Armageddon. "You Cannot Buy Groceries With Your House."

Dual Income No Kids. "The Deficit: How to Protect Yourself."

Superbowl Sunday Pizza Deals / Coupons

One of the first ideas for scoring a deal on pizza is a quick search through your junk mail for VALPAK or other direct marketing. Read on if you don't have anything good in your junk mail.

Papa John's will charge $10 for all large pizzas and $11.99 for an extra-large pizza with four toppings. Pizza Hut is selling any pizza for $10.

Here's some links which may also be of use as you look to score a deal:

VALPAK. You'll have to type your zip code, choose pizza/restaurant.

Dominos Pizza. Enter zip code to get local deals. Retailmenot coupons.

Papajohn's. Click on menu & specials, then enter your location. Also, retailmenot's Papajohn's coupons.

Pizzahut. Also, retailmenot's coupons.

List of 99 restaurants offering free pizza delivery today (sorted by state).

Monday, February 01, 2010

Brutal Month for Net Worth... Down 6% ($27.3k)... Plus Other Updates

January was a brutal month for our household net worth. My spreadsheets go back as far as August 2008. Since then, this is the first month we booked a loss.

During January, two of our investment properties dropped significantly in value per Additionally, we booked expenses for:

(1.) Body work for one of our cars
(2.) Bought our first flat screen TV
(3.) Made annual insurance payment on investment property
(4.) Rent

Our investments in the stock market also dropped in value, but by a small amount relative to the total $27.3k decrease. Unless the stock market tanks, our Net Worth should increase to where it was last month in 3-4 months.

On a positive note, we paid off the mortgage on one of our three investment properties this past December. We bought the house in 2005 for $86.8k.

Our next major purchase will be a new/used car to replace our '98 Acura with 141k miles. This summer we will be able to buy our next car TAX FREE. I'm looking forward to this upcoming purchase since our household operates two high mileage cars (wife's car has 86k miles) and want a low mileage car for road trips.