Tuesday, February 28, 2006

An Angle To Qualifying for Credit Unions With Restricted Membership

Bottom Line: Sometimes being only a roommate qualifies you for gaining access to credit unions with restricted fields of membership. Details below:

Was working on a separate blog entry when I encountered a customer service representative that told me a unique but common way to qualify for membership.

The bank was Navy Federal Credit Union. I've been a member for years; however, I asked can somebody qualify for membership if they are only a "roommate" of a current member. The representative said yes, you would only have to provide a proof of address. She then alluded to the case of "life partners" as an example for qualifying as only a "roommate." While i'm married, I can see where this angle could help many other people qualify for restricted fields of membership.

Recommend first asking any new credit union, that you would otherwise not qualify for, if being a roommate counts. You could then pull the "life partner" card if you feel necessary.

I've got relatives/friends all over the country. Perhaps I could do a temporary change of address with one of my magazine subscriptions (or something else). Have the friend/relative forward the bill w/ the new address back to you. Then presto, I could be considered a "temporary" roommate/resident (the friend or relative gets a couple of issues of the subscription for helping me out).

I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS ANGLE. Use method/angle at your own risk.

By the way, blogspot.com had technical difficulties. Many of my other posts may have been lost by them. If so, I will repost them shortly.

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