Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Finance Junkie Setting Up Lending Group at

I've taken the first steps towards setting up a lending/borrowing group at The group's name is tentatively "Feng Shui Financing."

Right now, membership is set at invitation only. Email me if you desire to be associated with this group. I tentatively plan on:

(1) Finishing the group's prosper profile within the next three weeks.

I will reconsider relaxing the group's restrictive invitation only membership policy closer to the time that the group's profile page is finished. These next three weeks will allow me time to pattern Feng Shui Financing after the best bits and pieces of other prosper groups.

Please leave recommendations as necessary in my comments section.


Finance Junkie said...

The name of the group may be changed if I get a better name... Wife said that the name I came up with was horrible.... If I can't get a good theme set up for Pirana Loans will change it.

Any other recommended name changes?

Finance Junkie said...

ok, the name has changed from Pirana Loans to Feng Shui Financing.

Finance Junkie said...

Still open to alternate name.

BAD said...

I like the Feng Shui Financing name :)

Finance Junkie said...

Group wasn't activated because I recently founded out that I was deploying (given one months notice).

I won't have the time or connectivity to manage a group while i'm deployed.