Sunday, August 31, 2008

Generating Income From My Blog

Did you know that is offering $12 referrals in its Amazon Associates Program? I've been an Amazon Associate for 2 years but have never used it. I'm giving it a try since there adds are very clean and it is certainly trusted content. The $12 referrals are offered until October 31st for Amazon Prime referrals.

Over last 30 months, I earned about $200 from Linkworth and about $41 in non-dispursed Yahoo Publisher earnings. In my defense, I recently did one year in Afghanistan where it was "illegal" for me to blog (U.S. Army directive for that area). Thus, I didn't blog and my traffic and established link exchange friends erroded away.

Today, I now have diversified advertising across Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher & Amazon Associates. My goal is to earn $241 over the next year. This will equal what I've earned over the last 30 months. This is small change and should be doable. For now, I'm going to keep my content on In the future I may migrated to a dedicated website. Anybody find success in other trusted advertisers?

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Anonymous said...

I highly recommend Revolution Money Exchange. I earned about $600 from them in 3-4 months. The program isn't as good as it once was (they are no longer offering a bonus to new sign-ups) but it is still my most profitable ad on my blog.