Friday, January 23, 2009

CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge Daily Trivia Bonus Bucks Answers (1/23)

1/23 Bonus Questions:

(1.) Question: As of Jan. 19, how much bailout funding did HSBC request from the U.K. government?

Answer: no request being made

(2.) Question: On Dec. 14, we reported that Berkshire Hathaway raised its stake in Burlington Northern railroad to:

Answer: 20.47 %

(3.) Question: According to our slideshow, Behind the Scenes Look at the Death of Seth Tobias, where was "Tiger" the night in question?

Answer: Las Vegas

(4.) Question: In our slideshow, "Notable Sex Scandals," which disgraced figure is wearing a red pattern necktie?

Answer: Jim McGreevey

(5.) Question: In our "SPANX Million Dollar Girdles" slideshow, what archaic derogatory term is referenced?

Answer: “loose woman"

(6.) Question: According to our slideshow, Prostitution Scandals of the Rich & Famous, who revealed Sen. David Vitter's illicit secret?

Answer: Hustler magazine

(7.) Weekly Question: Jobless claims are reported

Answer: Weekly

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