Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lenscrafters Gave My Wife a $48 Discount on Contact Lens Eye Exam

Some good and bad news for my household. About two weeks ago we got a letter from our insurance provider stating that the full cost of my wife's eye exam at Lenscrafters was being applied to our annual deductible... Meaning, we had to pay the entire bill.

Now the good news, a week later Lenscrafters sent us a letter telling us what we already knew (that our insurance provider wasn't paying). However, Lenscraftes would give us a $48 credit if we paid the remaining $98 of the bill within the next ten days.

Count me in, I went in and paid today.


Anonymous said...

Bought two pair of glasses in May 2010 and another in September 2010, on a Lens Crafter credit card.
First it's not a bill me later, I found out after missing a month that I needed to make payments, to avoid interest charges.
I made minimum payments keeping an eye on my account to see when
the promotional date was due.
I called GE, Lenscrafter's bank, for a pay-off of the first promotional amount.
Paid the amount, in full, to find a month later they split the promotional pay-off amount I made over the entire account. Meaning, I DIDN'T pay-off the promotion and will be charged interest on the account.
I'm very dissatisfied with Lenscrafters
And, will not be doing business there again!

Anonymous said...

Well you are dealing with the bank and not LensCrafters! Hope maybe you learned and you got your act together. Wish you luck with your credit cards!