Monday, July 27, 2009

U.S. Vows to Have Unsustainable Federal Deficits in 2010, Maybe 2011 and Perhaps 2012

Just found an interesting Bloomberg article discussing Treasury Secretary Geithner's comments at the Strategic and Economic Dialogue talks under President Obama in Washington DC. Geithner's comments were made to Chinese in attendance. His comments appeared to be in conjunction with a receptive Chinese audience worried about the falling value of $801.5 billion in US Treasury Holdings.

I wonder if the reason the Administration is not asserting an earlier deadline for reigning in deficits is due to an attitude that Americans don't really care about the deficit and that the Administration should instead worry about whatever else it takes to get re-elected.

You won't find my article's title explicitly stated in the referenced Bloomberg article. Instead the article states U.S. assures concerned China that it will ensure a sustainable deficit by 2013.

Bloomberg article.

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