Sunday, December 06, 2009

Recommended Personal Finance Articles From: MoneyNing, Free Money Finance, Fund My Mutual Fund, Financial Armageddon, Dual Income No Kids...

Here's several recommended articles from those sites that share links with Plugged in Finance. I hope they are of use to you.

MoneyNing. "13 Ways to Enjoy Your Life Without Spending Alot of Money."

Free Money Finance. "Is This a Viable Way to Save Money When Buying from an Infomercial?"

Fund My Mutual Fund. "David Malpass: Near Zero Rates are Hurting the Economy."

Financial Armageddon. "An Alternative Read on Today's Bullish Jobs Data."

Dual Income No Kids. Thanks for finding this excellent lesson in unemployment stats.

Dividends 4 Life. "Stock Analysis: Aflac Incorporated (AFL)." This is one of my largest DRIP holdings. Agree w/ analysis.

My Good Cents. "$5 off $5 at Hallmark Stores." Nothing beats Free!!!

Financial Fitness. "People Who Tell You To Buy Actively Managed Stock Funds Want Your Money."

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