Sunday, February 07, 2010

Superbowl Sunday Pizza Deals / Coupons

One of the first ideas for scoring a deal on pizza is a quick search through your junk mail for VALPAK or other direct marketing. Read on if you don't have anything good in your junk mail.

Papa John's will charge $10 for all large pizzas and $11.99 for an extra-large pizza with four toppings. Pizza Hut is selling any pizza for $10.

Here's some links which may also be of use as you look to score a deal:

VALPAK. You'll have to type your zip code, choose pizza/restaurant.

Dominos Pizza. Enter zip code to get local deals. Retailmenot coupons.

Papajohn's. Click on menu & specials, then enter your location. Also, retailmenot's Papajohn's coupons.

Pizzahut. Also, retailmenot's coupons.

List of 99 restaurants offering free pizza delivery today (sorted by state).


ParisGirl111 said...

You can also get Papa John's coupons at anytime on Retail Me not. I love that site. :)

Papa Johns Promo Code said...

Just checked Retail Me Not website, these guys are amazing their offering a TON of coupons! Loved it