Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Silver ETF is Here: Starts Trading Tomorrow

It's time has finally come, the silver ETF from Barclays Bank starts trading tomorrow. I'll have to do some more reading to figure out my entry point.

Here's the article. The silver ETF will trade under the "SLV" ticker symbol on the AMEX.


Anonymous said...

About time.

I look forward to watching the reactions.

Long term of course this should be good for the price.

Short term?

I'm watching.

Finance Junkie said...

I'm keeping a position in BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto.

I missed the rally in silver and would only consider buying in if silver drops to $12.5/ounce.

I'm still getting some exposure via the stock positions I mentioned above.

You should also know that Warren Buffett just recently sold all of his silver positions and commented that the silver and copper markets are now speculative.