Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Surprising Bevy of Info Under One CNNFN Article/Link

Look at this article if you: hate to pay taxes, interested in a new job, move frequently and/or like to follow real-estate. CNNFN's article "Tax Friendly Places in 2006" actually has 10 separate sub-articles.

Some of the articles may be repackaged from other sections of the site (not sure); however, they are simply wonderful.

The Articles:
(1) Live in Northeast, pay through the nose
(2) State-by-State rankings
(3) Big-city taxes
(4) Big tax breaks from around the country
(5) Tax freedom day comes later this year
(6) Think you pay a lot in taxes
(7) AMT 101
(8) Best jobs in America
(9) Best places to live
(10) Best companies to work for

Here's where to look

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