Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Avian Flu: Summary of Stock Market Sectors That Stand to Gain or Lose

Here's a simple summary of those sectors that stand to gain or lose in the event an Avian Flu outbreak occurs:

(1) Drug companies that make antiviral medicines
(2) Drug companies that make vaccines
(3) Hospital health care
(4) Cleansing product-makers
(5) Home entertainment providers
(6) Telecommunications
(7) Internet technology companies

(1) Airlines
(2) Luxury goods
(3) Hotels
(4) Insurers
(5) Shopping malls
(6) Major oil firms
(7) Mining and metals
(8) Travel and hospitality
(9) Brewers

SOURCE: Citibank Report as Summarized in "Wall Street Placing Bets on Bird Flu Outcomes," Chicago Tribune, Bruce Japsen, April 30, 2006

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