Sunday, May 07, 2006

Plugged-In-Finance's Top Nine Posts

My site is on its way to 100 unique posts (mid-nineties) now. Today, i'm presenting some of my best/most popular posts for your reading pleasure.

(1) Walmart's Disservice to Frugal America (My Trip to Walmart Today)

(2) Are You Wealthy Enough? Equation for Determining

(3) Free Money: My Opinion on 0% APR Credit Card Offers

(4) Getting Free Cable

(5) Our Household Savings Rate Taking a Hit
Since our move, our savings rate is roughly $1,000/month plus monthly equity gains in real estate. This is essentially a $4,000 cut from before our move. Reason, wife temporarily unemployed.

(6) Graphical Picture and Discussion of Our Household Investments
This graph is somewhat dated but still reasonably accurate

(7) Prosper Lending Strategy
We've done two loans so far, looking for a 3rd and 4th loan.

(8) Buying Real Estate: My Mortgage Lessons Learned

(9) Is an Education Worth the Expense


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