Friday, November 03, 2006

My Biggest Pet Peeve w/ (Peer-to-Peer Lending)

Pet Peeve: My biggest pet peeve is not the fact that Prosper doesn't offer interest on unobligated funds. It's not the lengthy period of ACH transfers...

My biggest pet peeve are inconsiderate borrowers. Why don't borrowers who are late tell lenders why? They could change their profile to tell people up front what's going on and their own forecasted prognosis? It's the only considerate thing to do. BAD NEWS DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER WITH TIME.

Prosper member "i" hits the nail on the head with his statement:

"To Those Whom I Choose to Fund:
You have given to me your word. I am demonstrating my trust in you by allocating to you temporary control of money that I worked hard to earn. You now have an opportunity to show the strength of your character to me and to others. Please do not fail me. While I can live with some losses here, your character cannot!"

While, the borrowers may not necessarily understand that they gave their word, per se, they do a promissory note. This is virtually the same thing.

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