Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Best Think I Told My Wife Since Getting Married (Per Her)

I'm on vacation till Monday, and this morning I had the liberty of lounging on the couch while my wife got ready for work. I noticed that she was steadily progressing with her hair, makeup, coffee, etc. but continued to cycle between different outfits.

I followed her into our walk-in closet to give her a hug / investigate. Perhaps I felt guilty lounging around while she works, but I said:

"Maybe we should go shopping so that (insert spouse's pet name) has new clothes"

Some guys might say, so what I do that all the time. Or they may highlight that I said MAYBE, and thus can back out of it!

I'm a frugal guy and I loathe shopping and it becomes even worse if the primary shopper is indecisive. LOL. I better stop there or I might start losing the points I scored w/ her this morning.

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