Monday, March 05, 2007

CNBC Million Dollar ($) Portfolio Challenge Trivia Questions

I intend to post the answers to as many of the CNBC portfolio challenge questions as possible. Triva Q/A will be in the comments section of this posting.

For answers to the 2008-2009 Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge click here.


Finance Junkie said...

March 5:
1) Video: How much did the Hang Seng Index drop this morning, Answer: 4%

2) Private equity firm Blackstone group is looking at buying what troubled Automaker's US Division, Answer: Dailmer Chrysler

Finance Junkie said...

March 6:
1) Video Question: 3.7%
2) Takeover bid Question: 10.75 Billion

Finance Junkie said...

March 7:
Got tied up w/ something at work, don't remember the questions exactly.

1) Video question: pick one of the lower 2 numbers. Not the lowest one.
2) It's not the 11% answer.

Finance Junkie said...

March 9:
1) Video Question: 90%
2) Trivia Question: Bill Gates

Anonymous said...

How's your prosper portfolio doing?