Saturday, March 03, 2007

Making Investment Decisions by Cherrypicking What Warren Buffett Owns

The "seekingalpha" website recently ran an article about mimicking Warren Buffet's investment decisions. This article is the first one i've seen that succinctly summarizes all of Warren Buffet's holdings.

The article is from Feb '07. Thus, some of the info is a little dated. For instance, I think Warren Buffett has already sold his Target shares.

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Unknown said...

Well the SEC allows people like Warren Buffett and Edward Lampert to buy stocks up to 90 days in advance without disclosing the information. So you will be 30 - 90 days late in buying what they've bought.

I'm in the Air Force and I've created a blog to help military members with their finances and I was wondering if we could exchange links. Thanks.

Brandon J
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