Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Few Job Ideas for Tough Times

Here are a few job ideas for tough times.

(1.) Welfare / Food Stamp Representative (State Civil Service)
(2.) IRS Customer Service Representative (Federal Civil Service)
(3.) Unemployment Office Representative (State Civil Service)
(4.) Medical Industry Jobs
(5.) Military. Around 25% of young adults qualify for military service.
(6.) ChaCha. Telecommute job available from comfort of own home (~ $3 to $9 hr)

The Chicago Tribune advances the idea of seeking temporary employment with retailers who may be plussing up staff for the holidays, companies that service retailers and a couple others. Once you land the job, do your best and you may get hired on full time if not already hired full time.

Tribune recommends:

"Retailers: They are often the go-to employer during the holidays. J.C. Penney Co., for example, will begin adding holiday staff at its stores about mid-October, and hiring will continue throughout the season, executives said.

Delivery services: Firms such as UPS hire thousands of temporary workers to handle the holiday rush.

Movie theaters: They typically increase staffing to prepare for the release of holiday blockbusters.

Inventory services firms: Companies that help retailers manage their stock during the busy season.

Possible upside: Do a good job, and you may be hired on as a permanent part- or full-time employee. Because turnover is higher in hourly positions, employers want to keep seasonal workers who have demonstrated a strong work ethic."

The rest of this Tribune article can be found here.

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