Saturday, October 04, 2008

Prosper Listings I'm Watching (For Bidding)

The following is my Prosper watch list for potential bidding over the next six days.

(1.) Military Enlisted with Pregnant Girlfriend: D Rating; $1k Loan; 28% Interest; 4 days left
(2.) Military Officer: D Rating; $5k Loan; 17.65% Interest; listing closed early
(3.) Postal Service Employee: A Rating; $7,500 Loan; 14.3% Interest; 5 days left
(4.) Doctor: AA Rating; $6,800 Loan; 12.5% Interest; 4 days left
(5.) Analyst: B Rating; $3,600 Loan; 16.05% Interest; 1 day left
(6.) Accountant/CPA: $9,990 Loan; 14.3% Interest; 1 day left

I'll likely get more bidding competition. But hey, this is me blogging about my finances, including Prosper bidding. I'll likely only bid on these if I can get > 10% after fees. Also, i'll only end up bidding on one or two of these.

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