Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 Happy Honda Days Instant Win Contest (Win $100 Gift Card While Honda Donates Up To $100k To Charity)

I stumbled across this $100 gift card contest while browsing Hondas online. I found this contest by clicking through a banner ad at Clicking through the banner ad gets you to the following destination site. Looking at the middle left of the page you can see the "instant win" tab. Clicking on this tab will bring you to the contest entry page (here).

Summary of contest:
* Up to 5 entries
* Contest open to entry through 5 January.
* Contest entrant has chance to win $100 gift card
* Honda will donate $1 per contest registrant up to $100k divided across three charities. Each contest registrant plays a role in determining what charities receive.
* Charities are:
- Keep America Beautiful® - Road to a Cleaner America
- Little League Baseball® - Urban Initiative
- Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

I stumbled upon this contest because i'm constantly reading about new cars. I'll likely buy a new car within the next 1-3 years to replace my '98 Acura CL with 135k miles.

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