Wednesday, December 10, 2008

GMAC Fails to Meet Conditions to Convert to Bank

I would be very skeptical of keeping any money in a GMAC bank account over FDIC insured limits. Check out this article from Bloomberg.

"By Ari Levy
Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) -- GMAC LLC, the auto and consumer lender seeking federal aid, failed to obtain enough capital to become a bank holding company and may abandon the effort, casting new doubt on the company’s ability to survive.

A debt exchange by GMAC and its Residential Capital mortgage unit designed to bolster the company’s finances didn’t attract enough participation, GMAC said today in a statement. So far, GMAC remains short of assembling $30 billion in regulatory capital that Federal Reserve requires, and the regulator has said the conversion won’t be approved if the requirement isn’t met.

GMAC has pinned its hopes for recovery on its plan to become a bank holding company and gain access to federal rescue programs. The Detroit-based company gave debt holders another three days to consider its exchange offer, adding that if it doesn’t complete the swaps and win Fed approval by Dec. 31, “it would have a near-term material adverse effect on GMAC’s business, results of operations, and financial position.”

Less than 25 percent of GMAC and ResCap’s existing debt covered by the exchange offer has been tendered, the statement said. GMAC needs about 75 percent participation for the plan to work, the statement said.

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Anonymous said...

Not only will I be skeptical about putting my money in a GMAC bank, I would be skeptical about buying their cars.

What if it breaks down in 5 years and GM is no longer around?