Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seven Frugal Ideas Applicable to All

I stumbled upon a great frugality post at the Daily Herald of Arlington Heights, IL. The article highlights some creative cost-saving tips which remind me of what you would typically find in the tightwad gazette series.

Here's a few highlights:
* Plants. Ask others for cuttings from their plants for planting at home.
* Toilet paper rolls. Cut a toilet paper roll and fold it into a mini-planter for your plant cuttings.
* Free samples. Save free samples you collect to create gift baskets.
* Magazine fragrance samples. Use to line the bottom of dresser drawers
* Curbside mall. Need furniture? Then cruise local neighborhoods on trash day or the evening prior to find furniture or other items that still may have usable life.
* Cereal box liner. Use to wrap your lunch sandwiches.
* Glass jars. Reuse glass jars instead of buying plastic storage containers.

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