Monday, October 30, 2006 Borrower Policy Trumps My New Years Resolution?

I recently decided that one of my New Years resolutions was not to bid on any NON-autofund prosper loan request unless it was within two days prior to closing. Ideally, I would manually bid snipe it with a bid time as close to closing as feasible.

Recently, I have been making initial bids on these loans 3-5 days prior to their closing. You ask, why 5 days or less? Fundamentally, I believe in just in-time bidding/funding. This strategy best helps me minimize the amount of unobligated funds in Prosper's 0% interest bearing accounts.

Recently, i've been noticing that some non-auto bid loans have been funding and closing in well less than 10 days. Here's an example:

Loan 53970.

This loan closed within about 2 days and 15hrs of opening (the typical period is 10 days). Frustrated w/ the lost bidding opportunity, I called The Prosper rep notified me that borrowers have an account feature that allows them to accept a loan interest rate at any time once the loan reaches 100% funding.

Those lenders who piled in early on this loan, got a loan w/ an ROI of 14.6% (a respectable rate). Now, I'm in a quandary as to whether or not embark on my above New Years resolution. The one silver lining to the New Years resolution is that I'd avoid some borrowers who are in such a hurry for funds that they may have underlying emergent issues (hidden risks) not clearly communicated in their loan requests. Of course, this is an inherent risk that may still exist in auto-fund requests that I continue to fund.

Hmm, what will I do? I'll likely stick w/ my New Years Resolution and leave it to my readers on how they time their bids.

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