Monday, September 15, 2008

Best of This Month's Personal Finance Magazines

I spent a few minutes thumbing through the personal finance magazines and found my favorite articles for this month. I then went to see if the articles were posted online. Better for all of us since you don't have to buy the magazine to get the articles at home. Here's my favorite articles for Kiplinger, Consumer Reports and Money Magazine:

Kiplinger, Oct 2008:
"Frontier Markets Beckon Investors"
"Tax Records Online"
"Helping Your Parent to a New Life"
"Sell Your Home Fast"
"Tax Crackdown on Second Homes" - Not posted online

Consumer Reports, Oct 2008:
"Why Savvy Shoppers Buy Used Cars"

Money Magazine, Sep 2008:
"Is College Still Worth the Price"
"Are You Ready to Live for a Century" - Not yet posted online
"21 Good Things to do in a Bad Market" - Not yet posted online

I jotted down a favorite article at Smart Money but could not find it online.

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