Sunday, September 28, 2008

Conditions Favorable For $700 Billion Financial Bail Out Plan (Latest Plan Details)

Yes, yes. I know DC doesn't like calling it a bail out. I insist. Here's the latest plan details for the $700 billion:

(1.) $250 billion issued when legislation passed
(2.) $100 billion disbursed only on president's discretion
(3.) $350 billion subject to congressional review

Other details:
(4.) Institutions would issue stock warrants to the U.S. government when selling it its distressed assets.
(5.) Multimillion golden parachutes not allowed to execs. However salary limits unclear if execs remain in position.
(6.) Govt would be able to buy distressed assets held by pension plans, local govts and small banks.
(7.) Oversight board in place.
(8.) As owner of distressed securities, the government can force renegotiated mortgage terms to assist struggling mortgage holders.

You can read the full 110 page plan here.

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Finance Junkie said...

Obviously old news.