Monday, September 29, 2008

What Else Could $700 Billion Buy / Do?

Would you like to know what $700 billion could buy / do? Here you go:

My calculations:
(1.) Replace 11.7% of U.S. electricity demand with windmill power (Straight line approximation using T Boone Pickens Plan numbers).
(2.) Put $162,224 in the piggy bank of every 2007 U.S. born child.
(3.) Put $2,333 into every adults' pocket or kids' piggy bank (300 million U.S. population).

According to
(4.) Pay for 44% of the projected 5 year bill required to get our U.S. infrastructure up to a "good" material condition, according to American Society of Civil Engineers.
(5.) Put nearly 9 million college students through state University.
(6.) 10 years of Universal Health Care under Obama's Health Care plan.
(7.) Buy nearly 3.5 million homes outright, that's more homes than are currently in default.

According to
(8.) One Rolex watch for every woman in the U.S.
(9.) Seven MAC laptops for every school-aged child in the U.S.
(10.) A years supply of gasoline for every adult in U.S.


Anonymous said...

sadly, we still don't know what $700 billion will do...perhaps on Thursday we will?

Anonymous said...

155 Aircraft Carriers

4375 F-22's

25 Kegs of Budweiser for Every American