Friday, October 03, 2008

Link Love: Some Great Articles From Those on My Blogroll

Here is my picks of the week for favorite postings from my blogroll:

Save and Conquer - Retirees in Trouble: S&C discusses recent New York Times and Wall Street Journal articles about our aging work force and their level of unpreparedness for retirement.

Financial Rounds - Economic Meltdown Cartoon: The Unkown Professor posts a funny comic that pertains to grad students and professors and how they are affected by the economic meltdown.

Dual Income No Kids - Bailout Pork: Excellent article breaking down "egregious" provisions and "pork" in the bail out bill past by the Senate.

My Frugal Freedom - Shipping Container House: Interesting posting about using shipping containers (CONEX boxes) for the construction of a house.

Military Money Might - What is the Best Way to Fight a Bear (Market): Hank writes a good article about his recommended investment strategy for those fighting a bear market. I like his article. However, I would add that in a bear market, you want to scale into your investments. Invest portions of your money on each 7% dip in the market, scaling in as the market goes down. If the market goes down 25%, you have about 3 opportunity points to buy in.

Debt Free Living Guru - When no Money Comes in: Sharman gives some concise advice to those in a money crunch.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. You are absolutely right about scaling your investments. That's a great tip!