Friday, December 05, 2008

Money Saving Hobby: Coupon Clipping

I came across an inspirational article related to coupon clipping. Coupon clipping? LOL, yes. The story is about Carol-Ann Mendoza a 31 year old stay at home mom. Carol quit her job 11 years ago to focus on raising her two children. Her and her husband now have four children.

Carol is described as a having OCD, obsessive coupon disorder. She runs a coupon clipping club that meets once a month for what sounds to be a fun event. At her meetings she has door prizes, ice tea, pies and what sounds like a great social atmosphere. Her coupon clipping meetings focus on combing through each attendees' reject pile as well as putting out tips and strategies to save money.

In addition to running "Frugal Mamas" club meetings, she also runs the website Frugal-Mammas. Carol is also known for random acts of kindness such as snooping others' shopping carts and handing them coupons for their items. Carol shares the following tips and sites for saving:

Tips to save

- Look for BOGO (buy one, get one) deals and couple them with two manufacturer coupons.
- Don't be embarrassed to ask your friends for their extra coupons. They are like money.
- Price shop. Wal-Mart will match any price if you bring in a competitor's ad.
- Stick to your shopping list so you aren't tempted to buy full-priced items.
- Check out Sweetbay and Winn-Dixie for discounted meat. The stores usually cut prices in the mornings on meat about to expire.
- Leave the kids and husband at home when you shop. They often sneak noncoupon items into the cart.
- Give your two cents about a product by calling the manufacturer. They'll often send you coupons or free stuff.
- If a store is out of a sale item, ask for a raincheck.
- Never try to pass an expired coupon. That's cheating.

Useful Web sites

The full article written by Susan Thurston of the St. Petersburg Times can be found here. While I didn't write it up in the main body above, here's another great but separate coupon clipping article.

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Shopping Cart Economist said...

First off, I love the idea of your blog!

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