Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Recommended Articles From My Blogroll

Today is a snow day for my wife and I in the Pacific Northwest and i'm able to catch up on some new article posts. Please enjoy the following articles/posts from authors on my blogroll.

Dual Income No Kids: "Bail out for Santa"

Budgets are Sexy: "Am i a Grandpa if i get my nephew a Savings Bond?" Good article about something of interest to myself. All of his recent posts are relatively interesting.

Master Your Card: "11 Reasons Why The Economy is Going to Get Worse Before it Gets Better"

Money for Military: "Get Your Free Credit Report to Start 2009"

Everyday Finance: "A Legitimate High Yield Stock you can Take to the Bank." The author writes about one of three stocks i'm investing in, Dow Chemical (DOW).

The Digerati Life: "Money Saving Ideas From The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to Riches"

Save and Conquer: "401(k) Match Being Reduced or Eliminated" Article covers one area of the economic down turn.

Fiscal Zen: "Four Tools to Help You Make the Most of Ebay"

Miss Thrifty: "How to clean wallpaper - with bread"

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Anonymous said...

thx for the shout out! happy holidays :)