Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Great PF Articles Fm: TheDigeratiLife, MilitaryFinanceNetwork, FreeMoneyFinance, WideOpenWallet, DarwinsFinance, EverydayFinance, MoneyCrashers, Etc.

Some great articles from the personal finance sites of my colleagues.

Tips For Lending Money Wisely (The Digerati Life)

25 Ways to Eat For Free (Really): Get Free Food! (Military Finance Network)

NYT: Shift to Savings May Be Downturn's Lasting Impact (Fund My Mutual Fund)

The Curse of the Class of 2009 - Lower Wages for Up to a Decade (Fund My Mutual Fund)

How I Use PowerPoint to Keep My Wife Informed on Our Finances (Free Money Finance)

Don’t have your savings with the same bank as your mortgage (Wide Open Wallet)

Start Investing Today: An Amazing Comparison of 25 vs 35 Year Old Starters (Darwin's Finance)

Savings Tips Consumer Reports Style (Everyday Finance)

How To Survive A Layoff While You Are Young (Money Crashers)... The Article's Motivation Poster is Worth it All, Humor-wise.

My Good Cents... Tons of free stuff at this site, no single post captures the good deals.

Underfunded Pension Plans Feel The Pain (Dividends4Life)


The Digerati Life said...

Awesome! Thanks for the mention and this hefty list! :)

Everyday Finance said...

Thanks for the mentions!