Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cash For Clunkers: Short AP Video Describing Program and How to Qualify

I despise government bail outs. But, they are news and if you can take advantage of them you must. If you don't gain from them out spite, you're a double loser in that you get nothing out of them now and you pay higher taxes in the future to cover the cost.

Hey government, why doesn't my 27 mpg 1998 Acura qualify too? I'd be happy using the credit for a 37 mpg or more car! I guess Congress didn't want owners of cars like mine to qualify because our subsequent purchase might be less profitable to the auto manufactures.

Here's the video:

Those who qualify for the cash for clunkers incentive may have to move fast. I hear there is only $1 billion reserved for the program.

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