Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Lending Club Portfolio Snap Shot

I've been lending at Lending Club since Nov. 4, 2008. Since then, I have been investing my website earnings and building a portfolio of 32 active loans, 1 paid off loan and 2 loans in funding.

My portfolio's Net Annualized Return on Investment has been 10.85%. After gaining two years lending experience at Prosper, I have learned to curtail my risk taking. At Prosper, I had an average loan rate between 21 and 22%. Needless to say, my high risk was rewarded with a high number of defaults. I'm still getting a small positive return at Prosper, but principally view it as a learning experience.

I'm taking a slow and steady approach at Lending Club. My average loan credit rating distribution is:

A: 27%
B: 26%
C: 32%
D: 15%

For the most part, I've been lending exclusively to those that work for the military, federal civil service, state civil service and health care. I have been bidding on loans that have debt to income ratios less than 20% and zero delinquencies in the last two years.

Email me if you're interested in becoming a lender. People I refer get a $25 bonus from Lending
Club and also gain access to me via email in the event you desire me to mentor you in learning to use Lending Club.

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