Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Good Listing on That You Should Check Out Immediately

This loan request has a fixed rate of 24.9% on a D Rated individual. It will likely get funded with less than 3 hrs of total list time.

Loan 35836

The person has a military background and is currently located at an Air Force Base (AFB). The person requesting the loan is not clear on his employment and pay. It can only be inferred that:

- If the person has been in the military for 16.5yrs, then they likely have a minimum household income of 40k with full medical benefits for his family of 5.

By the way, "USAA" is just an insurance company. He notes that he's been a member of USAA for 10 years. It's not that big of a deal; however, USAA offers alot of good financial services at decent rates.

Warning: I don't know this person any more than you. Bid at your own risk.


Finance Junkie said...

Wow, this $5k listing was fully funded w/ only 30 minutes of list time.

I'm a bit frustrated b/c my "standing order" bid feature didn't work. I had to catch this listing via manual search.

Good news: The person requesting the loan is under contract w/ the military until 2010. Solid employment that could only be lost if he really screws something up.

Finance Junkie said...

ohh, just figured out why the "standing order" didn't work... I had the debt-to-income set at 20%.