Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Just Joined My First Group on

Previously, I blogged about the formation of my own group on I have since changed my mind due to my work schedule w/ the Navy. Instead of leading a group, i've joined PsychDoc's group.

Unlike others, PsychDoc is also a lender. I've seen so many other group leaders manage a group and collect group rewards but do very little bidding.

Joining his group was an easy decision for me since 24% of all loans i've funded to date are sponsored by his group (a relative majority of my loan portfolio).


Anonymous said...

I have just joined Prosper as a lender. I have found the info on your site very helpful. I was thinking of joining a group but am not in a hurry at the moment. I was leaning towards Doc's group. Nice to see that you happened to choose that one. I agree it isn't worth it to run a group.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your bid on my member's listing, austinites78! And thank you for blogging about Prosper and helping to spread the word.