Thursday, August 17, 2006

Reasons why I bid on my last HR (29%) loan

I just bid on an instant funding loan which has one of the highest interest rates of any loan I've funded to date.

Typically, I won't touch loans that have any "current delinquencies."

Here's the one I bid on: Listing 31250

This lady is persistent and holds one of those very stable jobs (Federal Government). Additionally, the lady's group leader is both bidding on the loan and blogging about the loan applicants financial profile. Here's the group leader's posting about listing 31250.

Thunderbucks Entry

At first glance, everything appears on the up-and-up. I bid my typical cheapskate $50 increment.

Good luck on prosper. Please bid at your own risk. I neither guarantee returns on loans I blog about nor personally know this loan applicant.

If you want, you can look at my prosper portfolio here.

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Finance Junkie said...

A word of caution:

If you read what this lady plans on doing with the money, you'll probably feel like me and think that the repairs she wants can't be done with $3,000.

If she knows a handy-man that charges $0/hr for labor, she might be able to get this work done.... Otherwise, she'll likely tap some of her monthly disposable income.

Given this, I think she can still afford the loan... Or, will pay some late fees along the way which can juice up our returns too.