Friday, September 26, 2008

Opinion on The $700B Bailout? Call Your Congressional & Senate Representatives Via These Phone Numbers

If you are for or against the $700 billion bail out of Wall Street, follow this link for the switchboard phone numbers of Congress, Senate and White House. Give your representatives a phone call and let them know how you feel.

My opinion:
I'm for shoring up the CUNA and FDIC insurance funds. I'm not for bailing out the corporations that were fiscally irresponsible. Why throw money at companies that didn't manage money well in the first place? My only question would be how much more costly, if so, would it be to shore up CUNA and FDIC as compared to bailing out Wall Street?

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Unknown said...

We have already informed out representative that we are dead set against more government regulation, therefore against this bailout. Keep in mind, both WaMu and Leihman bros were taken care of with the benefit of the bailout. Others can sink or swim (sounds awful I know, but isn't that what capitalism is all about?). If I had a business and managed it horribly, would they bail me out?