Monday, November 17, 2008

Dollar Store Meal Deals

Dollar stores are already known for these top deals:

(1.) Shampoo
(2.) Snacks
(3.) Cleaning supplies
(4.) Gift wrap
(5.) Kitchen accessories

You may already frequent the dollar store for the above items. But, with some creativity and an open mind you can also score good deals on your meals too!

Here's some highlights:

Don't know what to do with the discount food ingredients you bought at the dollar store? Go to a site like Recipe Matcher and plug in the ingredients to get some recipe matches. Recipe Matcher also works if you're trying to figure out what mixed drinks you can make with the left overs from your bar.

Also, some pantry items from the dollar store can pull double duty. Consider using some of the following as ingredient substitutes:
(1.) Use evaporated milk instead of milk
(2.) Use bargain pancake mix instead of flour
(3.) Use reconstituted onions instead of onions

Here's the dollar store meal deal video:

The video was taken from Hulu but was initially posted at Howcast.

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