Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to Make Money From Your Blog

I've been blogging since early 2006 i've earned approximately $300 from my blog. This is paltry money. It looks slightly better when you take into consideration that I took a sabbatical from blogging in 2007 (was against regulations to blog from Afghanistan) and had to network with bloggers all over again to build my network rank.

I've found that the most important thing to make money is your page rank. I've used Technorati to monitor my page rank. I've also monitored the number of sites linking back to mine. You can go to google and do a "" to figure out how many link backs you have.

Over time i'm getting more interested in earning money from my site. Just recently I made the investment in a custom domain name. It will cost me $10 a year. Google blogger does the hosting for free. Anyways, my motivation for today's post is the Howcast video below.

Some highlights of the Howcast video:

(1.) Don't expect to get rich quick
(2.) Focus on your content
(3.) Don't be a sell out. You should strike a proper balance between your pay-per-posts and other site advertisements.
(4.) Google's Adsense is an easy starting point for inserting ads on your site.
(5.) Consider using a site like
(6.) Consider using a site like At pay per post you don't have to make a positive review, but you have to disclose that it's a paid for advertisement. I'm definately going to check this site out. Perhaps, I can make some good money after my page rank increases.
(7.) Consider selling merchandise.
(8.) Beg. You can use a site like Paypal to embed a donation widget on your blog.

Finally, the video provides some inspiration, stating that some of the most popular blogs earn greater than $40k per month. Here's the video.

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