Thursday, November 06, 2008

Eureka! A Frugal Discovery in The Kitchen. Here's a No / Low Cost Air Freshener for the Trash Can.

I already use grocery store bags for my trash. Most stores give these out at no additional cost. I layer these trash bags to ensure that I don't get leakage through to the bottom of the can.

Today I discovered some orange peels between two of the bags in the trash can. I found that it adds a pleasant smell. I'll leave these peelings in place until I can reseed my bottom trash bag with new orange peelings.

The plastic store grocery bags are already small. I tend to take out the trash most days after my wife prepares dinner. The orange peelings should help offset any smell from trash that accumulates during the day and in some cases overnight, if I forget to take the trash out.

This frugal solution shouldn't be uncommon. There are already a number of cleaning solutions with citrus fragrances added.

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