Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Link Love (Breaking Even, My Good Cents, No Spend Zone, Forest on Finance, Dual Income No Kids, Blogging Away Debt, Military Money Might)

Here's some good posts from bloggers on my blogroll:

Military Money Might - "You Can Easily Search For Missing Money Online," Post details website which can be used to find potentially unclaimed money held in your name.

Blogging Away Debt - "Seven Things We Did to Slash Our Finance Charges from $400/month to $0/month," Tricia writes a good article about reducing her credit card finance charges to $0.

Dual Income No Kids - "Bankruptcy Filings Peaking," short article highlighting a 40% increase in bankruptcy filings year over year in the U.S..

Forest on Finance - "Using ING Sub-Accounts to Help Achieve My Goals," I like his idea of creating sub accounts. It sounds like ING direct is incredably easy for doing this. I personally have a philosophy of keeping $20k between our checking accounts. This covers our emergency fund requirements and ongoing bills. After I pay off our houses i'll likely do something like what "Forest" refers to.

No Spend Zone - "Lessons From Monoply," Interesting parallels are drawn between the Monopoly game and real world real estate.

My Good Cents - "Coinstar Holiday Promo," Details $10 Amazon Gift Certificate bonus offered by Coinstar for coin exchanges of $40 or greater.

Breaking Even - "Lobster Becomes Affordable: How Being Aware of Food Prices Pays Off," This posting clues you into how cheap Lobster is... A screaming deal.

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