Saturday, November 29, 2008

Top Ways to Waste Money

I found this good AOL slide show on "Top ways to waste money." This slide how was generated from the feedback of AOL readers Here's what the slide show states as the top ways to waste money:

(1.) Paper towels. Use dish cloths.

(2.) Tanning salons. Accelerated skin cancer plan.

(3.) Government-funded space exploration. Use the money to fund health care & feed the poor.

(4.) Movie rentals. Check with local library first. If not there, wait till it reaches the library or cable / broadcast networks.

(5.) Disposable razors. Perfect solution, ask for an electric razor for Christmas.

(6.) Pet clothing & accessories. Crochet a sweater before you buy one.

(7.) Convenience stores. Shop in bulk and avoid convenience store visits.

(8.) Nail Salons. $60 for a routine visit. Get Real!

(9.) Eating out on lunch break. Brown bag it!

(10.) Leaving lights on.

(11.) Caring for lawns.

(12.) Insurance you don't use.

(13.) Death row inmates.

(14.) Duplicate spending due to disorganization.

(15.) Clothes Dryers. Use a drying rack.

(16.) Buying new (vehicle) or other things for that matter.

(17.) Designer handbags.

(18.) Children's birthday parties.

(19.) Huge houses.

(20.) The War in Iraq.

(21.) Swimwear. LOL, obviously from a nudist.

(22.) Alcoholic drinks at restaurants. For that matter soda too!

(23.) Overpacked items.

(24.) Organic produce.

(25.) Disposable diapers.

(26.) Using super unleaded.

(27.) Energy drinks.

(28.) Plastic cups.

(29.) Junk food.

(30.) Disposable cleaning supplies.

(31.) Playing the lottery.

(32.) The wedding industry.

(33.) Convenience store drinks.

(34.) Underwear. I have to disagree. It's cheaper to wash underwear after each use as opposed
to jeans or slacks.

(35.) Strip clubs.

(36.) Four-year Universities. I disagree with this one.

(37.) Designer skin care.

(38.) Extended warranties.

(39.) Brand names.

(40.) Luxury hotels. I agree, but I also avoid the econo-hotels. I prefer middle of the road
Holiday Inn Express.

(41.) Driving a gas guzzler.

Here's the AOL slide show titled "Top Ways to Waste Money."


Anonymous said...

(42.) AOL. Or another overly hyped "internet service".

But you should definitely cut out children's birthday parties.. nothing like maladjusted kids to really shore up that leaking budget.

na0 said...

extended warranties are great to have for some things like laptops... but not everything.

Anonymous said...

I abandoned this list when I saw #6. Crochet one? Seriously? If your dog really does need a sweater (like some hairless breeds in cold climates), just bargain shop and get the purchase over with. Yarn is expensive and time is even more expensive.

sethmissile said...

This list is far too over simplified. Where's the mention of $5 coffee drinks, hair styling products, or cell phones? Do you really NEED these things?

I agree that it's a good idea to cut back on extravagances, but I stress moderation.

Finance Junkie said...

Don't take away my $5 coffee. It drives my work tempo and helps with thinking.

I admit there are cheaper coffee alternatives, but caffeine is one of the last things i'll cut while i'm in the work force.

When I retire, maybe.. But now, no way.