Tuesday, March 21, 2006

6% Dividend Stock + Opinion/Use of Google Finance Worked In

Goggle Finance (Beta) debuted today with a yawn... While the Goggle quote screen provides more info than the initial Yahoo Finance quote, it's more cluttered. The Yahoo Finance quote is cleaner (in my opinion) and provides far more options in it's left side tool bar.

Here's the two of them used for my favorite high yield dividend stock (15% tax rate) :

Google finance CTCO quote
Yahoo finance CTCO quote

Here's an S&P / Busineweek article on the company. Morningstar also ranks this company "5 Stars." If you look at its cash on the books, you'll see that it has more than double it's annual dividend in cash and is also in a positive cash flow position. Last year, I believe, it gave a special dividend of $12.

I have never bought stock in a tele-communications company. However, this one seems to have enough DSL growth to offset it's declining land-line usage, and it has enough barriers to competitor entry b/c of the unique region it serves.

I have not yet bought shares, but I am seriously considering buying shares within the next 10 days.

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Finance Junkie said...

I put a limit order for shares at $32.40.

If I get this price, I'll stick to original intentions. If not, may change mind.