Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Recommend You Read This Guy's Blog

If you want to be heard at a well respected site, read the entries and post comments here. Dr Rutledge has been a money manager for one or more presidents and appears frequently on CNBC and FOX. He is also associated with Rutledge Capital.

The Rutledge Capital website has a very efficient lay-out. It reminds me of the Wall Street Journal in that it has key topics in column format for very quick read and overall website survey.

It's important to understand how he thinks. One of his key points involves Leonardo da Vinci: "When people asked Leonardo da Vinci the secret of his creative and inventing genius, he replied "Saper Vedere," to know how to see. Our objective is to help people see the link between government policy, capital formation, and growth, then help them see strategies for growing their businesses, increasing the value of their investments, and improving their economic lives."

Other descriptive comments about how he thinks are listed here.

I know the U.S. has an attitude about the Fed Chairman... When the Fed Chairman speaks, everybody listens. I listen to Dr. Rutledge as closely as most other people listen to the Fed.

Where do I find time for this??? It puzzles me too, I'm a full time student till the end of March... At the end of April I start a full time job. I'll start drafting blog entries at night then... Fingers crossed that chapters IV and V of my thesis will turn out fine (working on over these next 10 days)...

Later, FJ

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