Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Ok, I took the Finance IQ exam at scorelogix. I took it once, seriously, and had them send the results to my hotmail account. My mistake. I never received it. Took it again without reading the questions and going by memory... Hotmail screwed up receipt again. Took it a third time without reading the questions and answering by memory, but had score sent to gmail account. Gmail classified the score report as "spam." If you take this, you'll want to be careful receiving the exam results.

The exam was taken unaided (without any references), only a calculator for one question. The exam is eight pages with approximately five questions per page. The picture will enlarge if you click on it. It says: "Steven Your Finance IQ is 158"

The scoring breakout is:
1-50: Poor Financial Novice
51-80: Below Average (Financial Struggler)
81-110: Average (Financial Survivor)
111-150: Above Average (Financial Star)
151-200: Superior (Financial Genius)

I'll update my score and picture if the results from my first test ever get transmitted to my hotmail account. You can access scorelogix here.

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