Monday, March 06, 2006

Compete in the Smart Money Market Madness Competition and Get Free Issue Too

I'm getting a free issue of Smart Money Magazine and competing in the "Smart Money Market Madness" competition. It took me 5 minutes to register for both offers (competition and free issue) via this link. New users will have to get a login assigned by following the prompt near the red picture stating "Register Now." No credit card info was required to participate in each.

If you register, you'll pick stocks that you think will have a higher price appreciation than its in-bracket competitor(s). Participants will set up stock pick brackets, no-later than 17 March, in the following categories: Growth, Value, International and Income.

Participants that do well may win sirius satellite radio equipment and subscriptions. So yes, there is some advertising that you may see on the website... Additionally, Smart Money will probably try selling you a subscription too.

My participant name for this contest is "Finance Junkie."

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Finance Junkie said...

I missed the deadline for submitting my stock picks. Therefore, no other related postings will be made.