Saturday, March 04, 2006

Multi-Tasking the PF Blogging Experience

We all know how precious time is and the occasional need to multi-task your way through parts of the day. On that theme, i'd like to introduce you to the National Public Radio (NPR) "your money" archives. The archives has a substantial amount of current audio clips for on-demand use. I just got finished surfing while also listening to the following relevant NPR "your money" content.

a) Ken Dychtwald: The Changing Face of Retirement. All around an interesting interview, longest of the four listed here... Probably about 20 minutes. Con: It includes about two or three short blurbs promoting the guest's book but the promotions are shorter than what you typically see on "Cramer's Mad Money."
a) Economists Predict Growth Spurt for US: Short audio clip, majority of economists on panel predict two more interest rate hikes coming.
b) Will a cooling housing market cool the economy?. Tidbit disclosed in audio clip: Net worth of avg home owner is $185k... The average net worth of a renter is $4k.
d) New Option in Retirement Savings: Roth 401Ks. Some of the comments in this are elementary but relevant in that it gives a limited perspective on the direction employers are going in the adoption of ROTH 401Ks.

Audio clips "b" through "d" are about one to five minutes long.

I enjoyed the experience and thought appropriate to share with my readers. For those alpha-bloggers like me, I'd recommend using the NPR "your money" archives to complement your already available media, especially on weekends when Bloomberg TV is recycling content and CNBC has little relevance.

General NPR "Your Money" Archives

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