Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stock Market Correction of 10% or More: Neil Cavuto Hosted Guy With 80% Accuracy Track Record

Ok, don't laugh. I'm more of a person who identifies with fundamentals. However, I was watching Neil Cavuto last night when he had a gentleman by the name of Henry Weingarten on. Neil said that this guy had an 80% accuracy track record for predicting the markets.

Mr. Weingarten runs the Astrology Fund. Couldn't find a ticker symbol for this. It seems more like it's an investing newsletter. Mr. Weingarten predicted, last night, that a stock market correction of 10% or more will occur within 90 days of March 29, 2006.

The astrologer noted a looming debt-dollar crisis. The gentleman's website is a bit hokey; however, I was able to deduce that he feels that the Nasdaq is the index that is most likely to fall.

I don't mean to be a chicken little here. I'm only trying to report an interesting/entertaining story. Here's the guy's website.

Here's some of the astrologer's commentary on the stock market.
Here's the markets that this astrologer favors.

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