Saturday, March 04, 2006

Free Robert Kiyosaki Advice

Bottom Line: PBS in the California Bay Area is running two Robert Kiyosaki programs on TV during their annual fund drive. These programs may be dated in that i've seen one of them prior to Christmas, and I am not sure when they first ran. I did some preliminary searches and found that it's running on various PBS stations throughout the country (a couple listed at bottom).

This morning PBS ran "Rich Dad Poor Dad." Right now they are running "Rich Dad Poor Dad Guide to Wealth." Both are 90 minute programs each. You can find the Bay Area PBS guide here.

In general, the local station will run the program(s) again early tomorrow morning and at various times over the next two weeks.

Most of you probably don't live in the bay area. Recommend checking out your local TV guide to see if PBS is airing these programs in your area. Here's some schedules for my readers in:

Atlanta, Colorado ... If you can't find Kiyosaki on your local PBS station, you can still listen to one of his recent PBS interviews or read its transcript.

Google Kiyosaki PBS search.


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