Thursday, March 30, 2006

Frugal Yet Romantic Ideas for You and Your Mate

First off, this post is not directly related to finance. However, it can be useful to you financially, especially if you want a few frugal yet romantic ideas, or you simply want to stimulate an existing relationship/marriage.

Ideas are taken from a brochure that I kept from my early college years titled “101 Ways to Eroticize Safer Sex.” The brochure was handed out by my Alma Mater’s peer health advocates group.

56 of the 101 ways to eroticize safer sex were excluded because they were either specific to the area of the University or not as tame/clean as what I’d like to post on this blog. Listed, in no particular order:

(1) Dance together in your room
(2) Go horseback riding
(3) Comb each other’s hair
(4) Play Frisbee
(5) Give flowers for no specific reason
(6) Take a hot air balloon ride
(7) Go to a music festival
(8) Hang out at a bookstore or music store
(9) Play board games
(10) Kiss each other slowly
(11) Take a sauna together
(12) Wear each other’s boxers
(13) Build sand castles
(14) Finger paint each other
(15) Take a nap together
(16) Give Eskimo or butterfly kisses
(17) Go hiking together
(18) Play wrestle
(19) Share a lollipop
(20) Give each other a foot and hand massage
(21) Listen to each other’s heart beat
(22) Watch the sun rise/sunset
(23) Leave a rose on your mate’s windshield
(24) Bring your mate breakfast in bed
(25) Drink a cappuccino at an outdoor café
(26) Read Shakespearean sonnets
(27) Go to an aquarium or zoo
(28) Take a carriage ride
(29) Play putt-putt golf
(30) Go dancing
(31) Go bowling
(32) Make bread together
(33) Cook a candle light dinner together
(34) Go kite flying
(35) Stay overnight in a bed and breakfast
(36) Rollerblade together
(37) Take a stroll in the rain
(38) Surprise your mate with a bouquet of balloons
(39) Take a walking tour of area attractions
(40) Swing on a porch
(41) Go bicycling together
(42) Leave each other love notes
(43) Swing in a hammock
(44) Sip hot chocolate w/ marshmallows by the fireplace
(45) Flirt with one another


Anonymous said...

These are some great ideas :)

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