Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How I Got a Free Starbucks Drink Today

Ok, I didn't get it today, but the barista gave me a coupon for any free drink next time. This is how it went down. I ordered my favorite drink in a non-standard format:

Venti, Mocha Frap Light w/ Whip Cream. The Whip Cream is normally not included.

The barista took my order, failed to write "whip cream" on my cup and handed the order over to the actual barista making the drinks. As you can expect, the barista making the drink didn't put the whip cream on until well after trying to give it to me (I had to ask a 2nd time).

The barista making the drink said that they'd put it on if I only asked at purchase. Well, I did ask. However, I kept my mouth shut and walked out... The barista that actually took my order noticed this and chased me down to give me a coupon for one free drink (anything).

I guess it's one of their policies to compensate you if they don't write the right thing on your cup, or otherwise mess up...

I've ordered the same drink about 100 times and they've forgotten the whip cream about 5 times. This is the first time that I got a coupon out of it. I guess, I am usually in a hurry, so much so that they would never be able to catch up with me...Or, the people taking my order previously were never paying attention.

Oh, there might be one other reason they did this. A manager was conducting job interviews outside for new baristas. Maybe, they wanted to ensure that the interviewer didn't overhear any complaints.

Perhaps they would have given me the coupon those other 5 times if I only asked. You might be able to use this info next time they mess up your order. Perhaps they'll hook you up with a free-drink coupon too.

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Finance Junkie said...

The free drink coupon looks alot like the free starbucks coupon template floating around the blogs; however, it was printed on a paper that more closely resembles their paper bags (as compared to regular coffee paper).